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Smart File Organiser

"No more untidy desktops or not being able to find any of your files, websites, emails, telephone numbers, music, images, notes, etc...!"

This great little utility holds all the links in one place and enables easy filtering or searches to find exactly what you are looking for.

It's a completely independent program that can be used anywhere in a Microsoft Windows environment, be it at home or the office.

Smart File Organiser

You can add virtually any computer item to Smart File Organiser, although there are a few default sections to enter them under:

Add/Edit Items

It doesn't hold any files, it simply knows where they are being held within your computer as you add them to Smart File Organiser.

You can even access Smart File Organiser from either within another program like Vision - Consultation Manager (while in a patient record) or externally i.e. on your desktop, and it also allows you to sort, group and search the organiser for anything, which is especially useful for those on hosted VES, WES and WAN solutions, as there is more often than not no search facility in these environments, but this is not a problem when they are added to the Smart File Organiser.

Data Filter Grouping...

There are 4 primary filter types, that can be implemented from the Filter menu that quickly present the grouped data in the list view when selected. Thereafter you may add further search criteria should you need to search within the filtered data.

Click on a thumbnail image below to enlarge the image filters...

File Filter Web Site Filter Email Filter Notes Filter
File Filter Email Filter Web Filter Free Text Filter

Another useful feature is you can create as many independent Smart File Organisers as you like; as they are self contained within a folder, therefore if you save the program executable file in a separate folder it will create a new Smart File Organiser program list.

It's easy to use, add, edit or delete anything in Smart File Organiser.

When you add a new item, enter a description and category name to aid in column sorting and searching. Filtering is added automatically depending on the type of item you are adding.

Smart File Organiser not only shows you the description and category, it also displays the actual path and date the item was added to the Organiser.

Opening Items...

Whenever you double-click or select and item from within the Smart File Organiser list, it will run the item in the appropriate default application on your computer.

For example when a website address is selected from Smart File Organiser, it will automatically open the webpage in the default browser application, and with emails it will ask if you want to use your default local email application or just copy the email address to the Microsoft Windows clipboard, so that you can paste it into anything else, like a hosted account or any other application.

Selecting an item under the Notes type will simply display the contents on screen, but it will also save the contents of the note details to the Windows clipboard should you wish to paste it somewhere.

Item Searching...

Smart File Organiser also comes with a easy to use search facility to enable you to type a few characters and it will look in the Item Description, Category, File Extension, Destination and Date field columns to locate an item match, and present only those matches in the list.

Once displayed in the list either double-click the item line to run it or use the toolbar or right mouse menu.

Running Smart File Organiser...

There is no installation needed as it will open as soon as you run it. Therefore it will work in any Microsoft Windows environment, even on hosted remote sites, like the VES, WES, etc...


Try it free for 14 days and I think you'll be impressed on how easy and versatile it can be, bringing together all your need into one area.

Download Free 14 day trial

Last updated: 17/03/2012 v1.1

Program Updates...

V1.1 - Updated 17/03/2012

Licence Agreement

This program may only be used after the trial period once a user or group licence has been purchased from TailorMade Information Technology Solutions Ltd and is subject to the EULA available within the program.

Licence support and further program updates are only valid for 1 year. Thereafter any further program updates and support will require a licence renewal.

Note: Your original purchased program may be used indefinitely under the terms of the EULA.

Pricing Information

All prices listed below are subject to VAT @ 20%

Practice User License: £25.00 (£30.00 inc VAT)

Purchasing Information

To purchase this program please send and email to

Providing the following information in your email for invoicing purposes:

How did you hear about this program?

On receipt of your email request, we will send you an email reply which will include download instructions for the licensed version of the program. Please note that this will include an attached invoice.

BACs payment or a cheque is accepted.

Download Instructions

Please note you only need to download this once, thereafter just create a desktop shortcut from the program Add menu for each user.

  1. Click the button above to start the download.
  2. The File Download dialog box appears; click the “SAVE” button.
    Save File to Folder
  3. Select a folder to save the program to...
  4. Wait for the file to complete the download and click Run
    Run Program
  5. Click Run if an Internet Explorer - Security Warning should appear to start the program or Don't Run to do this at a later time from your chosen folder location.
    Run again after security warning
  6. If you did click the Run button above, you can click the File menu on the Smart File Organiser toolbar to create a shortcut icon on your desktop or click below to learn how to add a shortcut to the application from within the Vision local guideline index (if applicable).

Add Shortcut to Vision Guidelines

Follow these steps to add a shortcut button to your Local Guideline Index within Consultation Manager to open the Smart File Organiser application.

  1. Open Consultation Manager
  2. Click the Local Guideline Index Button in the top toolbar
    Local Guideline Index
  3. Click the Maintain button on the Local Guideline Index toolbar
    Maintain Mode
  4. A new floating toolbar will now appear, click the Application button on this toolbar
    Application button
  5. Click the Browse button to locate the Smart File Organiser program
  6. Enter a description to be displayed on the button or icon
  7. Remove the "Display as icon" tick to show a button, or leave it in to show the program icon.
  8. Click OK
  9. Click the Maintain button again on the Local Guideline Index toolbar to save changes
    Maintain Mode

Everybody now has access to the Smart File Organiser program from the Local Guideline Index
Smart File Organiser icon

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