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Smart immunisation Clinic for Vision 3

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Smart Immunisation Clinic v5 for 2017

This all new version 5 update now uses the Vision API to connect directly with new Vision PostGreSQL database system, which means Smart Immunisation Clinic now has read/write capabilities directly with Vision.

This is an essential tool for any practice that needs accurate stock control of all medication held within the practice, plus...

Plus all the normal features you have been use to using for many years now.

"Why not download and try it out for yourselves!"

No installation needed, just unzip it and your ready to go! Works in ALL Microsoft Windows® environments including hosted, AEROS, WES, etc...

However you MUST be on Vision DLM485 or higher to use this version.

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Smart Imm Clinic is a yearly practice licence, so you may use it across all your branches for an unlimited amount of users at a cost of £85.00 ex VAT, purchasing instructions are within the program. Subject to our EULA

If you need any more information please review the user guide or do not hesitate to contact us:

Patient Mode

Patient Mode is what you have been use to over the past 12 years and works with the patient record open in Vision, with a few changes to the screen design, except a little more intelligence explained further down this page.

Once the batch details have been entered. You simply:

  1.  *Select an immunisation
  2. Select the correct batch card
  3. Check form details - amend if necessary
  4. Click Save

*As soon as the immunisation was selected Smart Imm Clinic would have already selected the correct stage, method, claim code, preferred site, next due date and reason. Consent given is the default

When saving to Vision; Smart Imm Clinic will then automatically add all the above and:

All the above are completely customisable, but entering accurate immunisation data couldn't be easier. All entered with 2 clicks!

Patient Mode 

List Mode

This is a new feature and taps into Vision Appointments and Patient Groups allowing you to enter immunisation data directly from either patient lists.

Different Patient Alert

Appointment List

This will allow you to display any session for a book owner and filter the list by specific slot type and appointment status, e.g. so you only see patients that have arrived and are waiting and not DNA's or have not been booked in.

Appointment cards will also show contact details with the live status.


Patient Groups

You can select any patient group currently in Vision and the list works in the same way as the appointment list explained above.

Patient Groups

Patient or List Mode

In either mode it will now read the patients immunisation history for your selected immunisation and automatically change the stage (where applicable) to the next one required.

If claim codes apply the field will be displayed and automatically select the correct claim code for the patients age. Otherwise this field is hidden.

Stock control is much the same as before except now it is more reliable and includes site location. Therefore it now only displays batches located at each site and provides a stock total for each individual site, as well as maintaining a practice total stock count.

The immunisation list is completely customisable, so as to show only the immunisations you use, and there are filters to quickly switch between showing child, travel and flu clinic immunisations.

The audit trail facility has been increased, so that you are in more control of how your immunisation data was recorded, and form changes in the system, plus storage and stock control reporting.

We have around 200 practices throughout England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales using Smart Imm Clinic all year round and continue to renew, because they see the benefits the program provides them. We are more than happy to provide references and a practice contact near you, so you to may hear these benefits directly from our customers.

"Entering immunisations and controlling stock has never been so quick and simple!"

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These improvements are all driven by your customer feedback, so please do continue to contribute and provide us with your valuable feedback. We want to deliver what you want, so feel free to tell us!

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