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Smart Immunisation Clinic

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How to purchase Smart Immunisation Clinic?

Smart Immunisation Clinic is a yearly subscription which expires on the 1st August each year

We accept BACS or cheque made out to: TailorMade Info. Tech. Solutions Ltd

Postal Address: Hayward Lodge, The Green, Woolpit, Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk, IP30 9RQ

Payment must be received BEFORE any download details are sent!

Note: Please state in your email request if you wish to use BACS and details will be sent to you.
Make sure you include your Vision user number or invoice number in your BACS payment, so that we know who the payment is from!

Send an email to us including the following information, so that we may verify your details:


Once we receive your request for Smart Immunisation Clinic and payment has been verified, we will immediately email back download details using the information supplied above, together with an invoice/receipt of purchase.

Full step-by-step download and installation instructions will be sent in the license email, which you will receive after purchase.

This includes software support via email for 1 year and all updates.

View the Smart Immunisation Clinic EULA here

How much does Smart Immunisation Clinic cost?

Practice User License

Purchase Price: £102.00 (£85 ex VAT)

All purchases are subject to 20% VAT

Current Vision DLM

Once a licence has been purchased you will be sent v4 Smart Imm Clinic and v1 Smart Flu Clinic, these programs may only be used with Vision 3 and will work on any DLM version. i.e. pre DLM485 or post DLM485.

As soon as v5 Smart Imm Clinic has been released it will only work for practices on Vision 3 DLM485 or above. Those not yet on this version of Vision may still continue to use v4 Smart Imm Clinic, until they receive the Vision update.

You can check your version of Vision 3 from the Vision front screen > Help menu > About...
Check the Sequence number.

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