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Smart Immunisation Clinic

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How to purchase Smart Immunisation Clinic?

Smart Immunisation Clinic is a yearly subscription and a purchase request is made within the program via an internet connection.

The licence includes software support via email and all software updates within the purchased year.

New Practice
  1. Download Smart Imm Clinic evaluation
  2. You will now have 14 days to evaluate the product before the evaluation licence expires
  3. You can purchase Smart Imm Clinic at anytime by clicking the Help menu and selecting "Purchase Licence"
    Purchase Licence
  4. Complete the purchase request form and click OK
    Buy Now
  5. An invoice will be automatically generated which details your payment methods. The invoice is also available via the Help menu.

If you need to update any practice details please click the Help menu and select About

Then click the "Reg. Info" button and update the form
Registration Details

If the evaluation period has expired you will see this message

Payment must now be received within 14 days, otherwise Smart Imm Clinic will not open!

If you require any further assistance please email:

View the Smart Immunisation Clinic EULA here

How much does Smart Immunisation Clinic cost?

Practice User License

Purchase Price: £102.00 (£85 ex VAT)

All purchases are subject to 20% VAT

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