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Smart Imm Clinic Updates

Click the Help menu > "Check for program Update" to get the latest updates. Then follow any screen prompts.

If you feel that this program can still be improved please submit your request for change to, as it's only as good as it is from your feedback.

Released 23/11/2016 (v5.17)

Released 14/09/2016 (v4.0.8)

Released 22/07/2016 (v4.0.7)

Released 14/06/2016 (v4.0.4)

Released 11/04/2016 (v4.0.3)

Released 26/11/2015 (v4.0.2)

Released 19/11/2015 (v4.0.1)

Released 02/11/2015 (v4.0.0)

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