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Vision 3 Hints & Tips

How to import a CSV(or xls) file into Vision as a patient group

Note: Errors may sometimes occur if there is freetext within your import file. Therefore it is always better to remove any freetext before importing.

  1. Go to the Vision from Screen and click the Apps Controller button
    Apps Controller
  2. Click System Utilities
    System Utilities
  3. Click on Patient Group Import app
    Patient Group Import
  4. Click on the 3 dots button at the end of the File box to browse for your CSV (or Excel) file
  5. If your file has header columns either tick the box "Has Headers" or start at row 2
    Start at row
  6. If you have used the CSV file option, make sure the tick is in the Comma checkbox
  7. Within the Fields section right mouse click on the PAT_ID (1st) column and select Vision Identifier
    Define Identifier
  8. Click the Import b button
  9. Once Vision has verified or matched each patient, click the Group button
  10. Enter a description for your group and click OK
  11. These patients are now in Vision as a Patient Group
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