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COVID-19 SolutionSmart Online Clinic

"This solution gives you the freedom to run your vaccination clinic from anywhere, using any operating system, on any device that has internet access, record any vaccine for any practice/organisation, and requires no paper!"

The recorded vaccination data can also be output from anywhere, and is prepared for any clinical system that provides an upload or bulk data entry option, which we know EMIS, Vision and SystmOne do provide.

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Page last updated: 03/12/2020

Ready for Demonstration

Our new online vaccination clinic solution is ready for review.

It enables a single or multiple organisations/practices to record immunisation data as a collective or individually from anywhere, and on any device that has internet access in just 4 easy steps!

Here's how it works:

Login to our secure online solution from anywhere that has internet access.


Step 1 - Upload one or more patient lists with regards to those that need to be vaccinated in your clinic(s), which provides proof of eligibility

Step 2 - Add the vaccine batch number(s) that you will be using in the clinic(s)

"You're now all ready and prepared to run the clinic!"

Clinic Day

Step 3 - Record vaccines online using any device for all the patients attending the clinic

"Once the clinic is over, you can output the data at anytime. As it's all securely stored and saved!"

Output data into Clinical system

Step 4 - Run a report that will output all the immunisation data in a format that can be easily bulk entered into your clinical system

No paper, no emailing, no moving data around from one place to another. Secure and easy to use!

Video demonstration

Preparing the Clinic
(2.5 minutes)
Running the Clinic
(1.5 minutes)
Reporting Module
(3.5 minutes)
Account Login Video Account Login Video Account Login Video

Solution Uses

Smart Online Clinic provides a world-wide solution to be able to record any vaccinations easily and quickly from anywhere.

Ideal for mass COVID-19 vaccinations, flu clinics and much more.

Vaccinations maybe recorded within your own practice or within another practice or organisation, using a local desktop computer or any portable device with access to the internet.

You could run a clinic within your own local car park area or in someone else’s car park, or premises accommodating schools, care homes, hospital, pharmacies, etc… You can basically run your vaccination clinic from anywhere in the world using this solution.

This also provides a means for any pharmacies to record vaccinations, which can be feed directly back to the patients practice account.

Data input is fast and easy, and exporting the vaccination information is all managed for you, to make it simple to upload into any clinical system.

It also provides a secure sharing option that allows you to share your patients lists with one or more practices/organisations (e.g. anyone that has an account) creating a collective. Therefore, as an example one clinic can be run for any number of practices from one location, or multiple clinics can be run from various locations, and all the recorded vaccination data is automatically feed back into the correct patients’ practice.

The recorded vaccination data can then be easily extracted from each practice/organisation account, so there is no need for any paper transfers. The outside provider running the clinic can also run reports on all the vaccination information provided, just in case this needs to be uploaded into a central immunisation organisation.

If you require any more information or would like to contribute ideas we may not have thought about, all feedback is welcome. contact us:

About Patient Lists

PurposePatient List Upload

A patient list has two purposes:

  1. It is used on clinic day to find each patient search
  2. It is used to show which vaccine(s) the patient requires, based on the vaccine type it has been uploaded into

Patient List Contents

A patient list only needs to include the following information: ID, Surname, Forename, NHS number (or CHI or H+C), Sex, Date of birth, Postcode

The ID is the unique patient identifier which is not mandatory, but will help when it comes to uploading the data back into the same clinical system.

Most clinical systems will probably already have the relevant patient lists in audit reports regarding all those that need to be vaccinated, which can be easily exported. Then it's just a case of formatting the columns to only include the requirements explained above and saving them in a CSV file format. Then can then be uploaded into our solution.

The ODS code (or organisation code) is automatically taken from the registered account for this solution when signed up, and is only needed when sharing patient lists with other practices or organisations, so that the vaccination data is assigned to the correct practice for each patient.

Patient List Vaccine Type

When uploading a patient list you select the vaccine it applies to, or you may use the "Practice List" option, which is undefined and can simply be the entire list of patients to be seen in a clinic, or over a series of clinics, or even the entire practice list.

Uploading them into individual vaccine types will automatically display each vaccination the patient requires based on each list they belong to. This will then make it very quick to record each vaccine, and you'll know that the patient is eligible by the fact that the vaccines are being displayed in the record.

Whereas uploading an undefined "Practice List" just means you will have to select and add each vaccine before it can be administered.

There is also an advantage in uploading both. Just in case you see a patient that may not be in one of the Vaccine Type lists. This means you will still be able to record any of the vaccines against a patient who may just turn up at your clinic.batches

About Vaccine Batch Numbers

This section allows you to add (prepopulate) all the batch number details to each vaccine you may use within your clinic.

It then means you only need select the correct batch from a drop-down list on clinic day

All the batch and expiry date details are automatically output in the reports, so they can be uploaded into the patients clinical system

Recording Vaccines on Clinic Day

All the preparation work has now been completed ahead of time. You've uploaded all the patients to be vaccinated, and all the vaccine batch details.

As a patient presents in your clinic, you use our predictive search engine to find the correct patient quickly, which will then open the patient vaccine record.

A list of all the vaccines are displayed for the patient, based on the vaccine lists they belong to, and all that is needed is for you to select the:Record Vaccine

Save and select the next patient repeating the quick data entry method, until your clinic is complete.

All data can be recorded on touch screen devices, as well as the traditional mouse using any operating system.

About Reporting

The only thing left to do after the clinic is finished is create a report of all the vaccines given.

This is a simple process of selecting the:Reports

There are "Group By" options which are pre-set (but may be changed) to divide the vaccine data into separate sheets within a Microsoft Excel workbook. This makes it easy to upload the individual sheets of data back into your clinical system.

The data on each sheet will provide the unique information so that the same; batch number, body site, stage and day are together. This means you should only need use the patient identifiers on each sheet to bulk upload the immunisation data into any clinical system.


The sharing option allows you to choose who you would like to share your patient lists with, so that other practices/organisations (account holders) can find your patients to record vaccination data against them.

This then enables either organisation to run reports on the vaccination data that has been administered, so once again "no paper" is needed, and no need to transfer any lists of data between two parties.

When the report is run by the patients actual practice where the vaccine data was administered by another source, it will show all the vaccine data on a single sheet so that it can be uploaded into the clinical system as "...given by OHP", or "Out of practice".

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